Erasmus+ – Gateway – 1st International Project Meeting (Hungary, Székesfehérvár)

1st International Project Meeting (Hungary, Székesfehérvár)
10.10.2022 – 11.10.2022

The 1st International Partner Meeting of the GATEWAY project took place according to the attached programme.

After the introduction of the organizations, the professional content of the project was presented.

The direct, final target group of the project is the sober, recovering addicts, the aim of the project is to support their re-socialization and reintegration, and to provide programmes and new methods for this purpose.

Rehabilitation programmes and the community approach of recovering addicts do little to make learning, training, transversal competence development and knowledge/skill transfer for entering the labor market or having concrete, life-enhancing impact possible. If these types of programme elements are present, they are less emphasized, such as community-based group programmes, self-reflection events. A more focused presence of these programme elements in reintegration work would be recommended.

Related result: Ways of reintegration of addicts into the labor market (methodological guide, collection of practices) (result 1) – Székesfehérvár Diocese Caritas

Helping work with recovering addicts is “traditional” in the sense that it is based on a personal relationship between helper and helped, in an individual or group setting. These usually work, but expanding and diversifying the methodological repertoire can provide more effective possibilities in treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

Related result: Ways of tale therapy in the rehabilitation and reintegration of addicts (methodological guidelines with exercises, tale collection) (result 2) – Antropos Mental Hygiene Association

In working with recovering addicts, the issues of family systems, relationships and human relations in general are undisputed. Case studies and the collection of good practices can make existing support work more effective.

Related result: Couples, families, human relations: couple and family therapy in the treatment and care of addicts (sharing experiences, summarizing good practices, case studies) (result 3) – Bonus Pastor Foundation

For professionals within the partnership as the target group of the project: new methods, case discussions, burnout prevention – a daily, identified need of professionals working in the field.

The partnership will respond with internal trainings on the following topics:

  1. creative-developmental tale therapy (basics) (Antropos Mental Hygienic Association)
  2. burnout prevention (Székesfehérvár Diocese Caritas)
  3. the Portage method (basics) (Bonus Pastor Foundation).

The “gateways” – international partner meetings – are a platform for knowledge and experience sharing, while professional competences are enhanced and professional-personal mental health can be improved (recharging on both personal and professional levels). It can be concluded that the ultimate beneficiaries of competent and mentally healthy professionals are the direct target group members. In addition, of course, the implementation of the project develops a number of transversal competences that have a positive impact on both target groups in their joint helping work (as well).

We also started to work on two topics during the meeting:

  • Family and couple therapy in addiction treatment (Farnas István Géza)
  • What is job coaching? Possibilities of supporting the (re)integration into the labor market of addicts and other people with barriers (Pósa Kornél).