1993 / fall

After returning from completing his studies in Scotland, reformed pastor Levente Horváth is tasked with launching a mission to addicts in Cluj-Napoca by Kálmán Csiha, bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania. At nearly the same time Bible-study groups tailored to addicts are formed in Székelyudvarhely (under supervision of Gizella Antalfi) and in Tg. Mures (under the supervision of Dezső Bustya, PhD). The Cluj-Napoca, Tg. Mures and Székelyudvarhely groups together formed the Reformed Rescue Mission, which was joined by other groups later on.

1994 / summer

The first Short-Term Therapy Program is organized by the Reformed Rescue Mission.

1996 / spring

The Bonus Pastor Foundation (BPF) is founded as a Romanian non-profit organization providing legal status and financial administration for the activities of Reformed Rescue Mission.

1996 / summer

The first Annual Aftercare Camp is organized.

1997 / fall

BPF signs a 99-year lease agreement with the Romanian Government for the Ozd Castle estate and associated buildings.

1998 / summer

The first Children’s Prevention Camp is organized.


Renovation work begins on the Ozd property, beginning with the repair and replacement of the castle roof.


Work begins to restore the granary building (Part of the Ozd castle estate) renovating it into a Residential Therapy Center.

2004 / end of the year

Baroness Maria Jude donates the Castle Estate to BPF.

2005 / March

The Long-Term Therapy Program is launched in the renovated Ozd Therapy Center (formerly the Castle Granary).

2009 / March

Fundraising trip in Scotland

2009 / November

Fundraising trip in the Netherlands


BPF hosts its 50th Short-Term Therapy Program.

2015 / September

Ozd Therapy Center celebrates ten years of operation.


complete renovation of the bathrooms in the Therapy Center and installation of a water filtration equipment

2018 / summer

external renovation of the Therapy Center and annexed buildings

2020 / March

Ozd Therapy Center celebrates fifteen years of operation.

2021 / January

launch of the 4-day therapy program

2021 / August

”Inner Castle” programs are launched as part of the new project

2022 / March

launch of the first accredited training

2022 / April

the Foundation receives the status of a Public Benefit Foundation