The staff and volunteers of Bonus Pastor Foundation are guided by the same goal:
to help the person seeking rescue and recovery from the effects of addiction experience change.
We all are seeking this change, each within their own field of expertise.

Katalin Ravasz| PR Volunteer

I first got in contact with Bonus Pastor Foundation because of a personal story. I was impressed by the presence of the staff member, the attention she gave to my story, how she understood what I was talking about. Later, as I interacted with other staff I found they brought the same level of attention and care. Because of this I try to give something back and to contribute my professional knowledge so that the Foundation becomes visible and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Kyle Ferguson| Volunteer | 2018

I was first introduced to Bonus Pastor as a volunteer in 2002, later (between 2014-2018) I came back with my family as an adjunct staff member. I like to be part of an organization that not only tries to address various addictions, but also works to counter the countless misconceptions about addictions in Romania.

Beáta Angyalosi| Photographer

When I first told my Uncle about the Bonus Pastor Foundation he thought I wanted to send him to a sanatorium, but this characterization cannot be applied at all to the Ozd Therapy Center. I think it is very important that people who are interested in therapy can see the friendly, homely environment that welcomes them there. I am happy if I can contribute toward representing this with my professional photography skills.

Orsolya Bűcs| Volunteer

I had the chance to be an employee of the Foundation for a short year, but even since then I miss the working environment which was intellectually, morally and “dispositionally” of high quality.
This is the reason I decided to stay close as a volunteer. Whenever I can, I help the organization with pleasure regarding PR or translation issues or/and whatever I can.