The staff and volunteers of Bonus Pastor Foundation are guided by the same goal:
to help the person seeking rescue and recovery from the effects of addiction experience change.
We all are seeking this change, each within their own field of expertise.

Csaba Vári| Volunteer

When I first came to Bonus Pastor, I had partially recovered from my alcohol addiction. But after completing the Long-Term Therapy as a resident at the Therapy Centre in Ozd, I see how the Lord still had work to do in my life. I completed the Long-Term Therapy in 2023. With God’s help, I rebuilt myself and restored the balance of my personality and life. This experience fills me with a desire to offer an authentic example to the residents, to share the experience and joy of liberation, and to help as much as I can. Currently, I study at Babeș- Bolyai University in the Faculty of Social Assistance. I seek to gain the foundations for social work to extend and deepen the lessons learned from my own experience. I hope to be able to contribute to the further progress of the Centre.

Tibor Kovács| Volunteer

I first had the opportunity to get to know the Bonus Pastor Foundation in 2004 when I participated in a 12-day Therapy program. In 2007, I enrolled again in a therapy program, this time as a long-term resident. With God’s help, I completed the therapy and remain free today! My time at the Therapy Centre defined my life, and I wish to be able to share what I received. I now work as a volunteer to help clients cope with their problems and support them in their difficulties.

Zsolt Erdélyi| volunteer

In 2011, I took part in long-term therapy at the Therapy Center in Ozd as a client with drug problems. After six months of therapy, I successfully overcame this addiction . Having felt the weight of addiction at first hand, I want to use this experience to help others. After graduating from university, I am now volunteer as a clinical psychologist at the Therapy Center and I am one of the leaders of the support group for addicts in Târgu Mureș.

Tamás Szilágyi| volunteer

As a project manager, I am working on the implementation of the new mission and castle renovation plans of the Bonus Pastor Foundation. My heart is burning for the project and the mission my colleagues are doing. I try to help them with the best of my knowledge and love. Christ is my Lord.

Kálmán Adorján| priest | volunteer

I’m not new to ministry among addicts: I have spent almost fifteen years in it. I have certainly benefited from this period and I hope the same for those whom I have served. Since 2013, I’ve been serving as a church pastor, so after three years of hiatus, I continue to organise some of the Foundation’s programs as a volunteer, with the same great love.

Tünde Kocsis| volunteer

I’m a clinical psychologist, and I’ve been volunteering at the Bonus Pastor Foundation for ten years. We are currently operating a support group in Oradea. In addition, I provide professional help (guidance and counseling) for those seeking therapeutic opportunities in Margita and Oradea. Life-changing experiences are tying me to Bonus Pastor Foundation and to the growing support-community.

Emese Bagoly| volunteer

I started my career as a spiritual counselor as a relative of an alcohol addict. Because I learned from my own experience what a serious negative influence this disease has on families, it is very important for me to say and represent that “The Lord is good, He is a place of escape on the day of trouble and knows those who I trust in him.”(Naum 1: 7). The Bonus Pastor Foundation programs, where I work as a volunteer, provide good opportunities for doing so.

Árpád Szabó| volunteer

As a retired priest, I’m working as a volunteer at the Therapy Center from Ozd. In each of the three
churches I served, I paid particular attention to addicts, trying for years to help their healing in a separate support group. The residents I now work with are my friends and constitute my little “congregation”: I pray for them regularly, I know their pains ands dreams, and I try to lift them with the help of Christ from the bondage of dependence.

Csaba Puskás| volunteer

Ever since I was a child I was attracted to people living on the outskirts of society, trying to help them as I could. Maybe this trait was the one to lead me to the medical profession, but I never thought I’d ever deal with addicts. But it happened for me to be among the founders of the support group in Satu Mare, currently being its coordinator. It is a great joy to witness so many recovered lives, therefore I feel privileged to be part of the Bonus Pastor Foundation team.

Katalin Ravasz| PR Volunteer

I first got in contact with Bonus Pastor Foundation because of a personal story. I was impressed by the presence of the staff member, the attention she gave to my story, how she understood what I was talking about. Later, as I interacted with other staff I found they brought the same level of attention and care. Because of this I try to give something back and to contribute my professional knowledge so that the Foundation becomes visible and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Beáta Angyalosi| photographer

When I first told my Uncle about the Bonus Pastor Foundation he thought I wanted to send him to a sanatorium, but this characterization cannot be applied at all to the Ozd Therapy Center. I think it is very important that people who are interested in therapy can see the friendly, homely environment that welcomes them there. I am happy if I can contribute toward representing this with my professional photography skills.