How to get involved?

When thinking about supporting Bonus Pastor Foundation it is important to realize that unlike most countries that are European Union Members, our government does not offer the possibility for regular funding of addiction treatment or prevention programs. Almost all of our funding comes from supporters like you all over the world. There are many ways and opportunities to support us, but no matter which way you chose you should know that your support can bring hope to the hopeless, the possibility of change to the most outcast of society, and could help break the cycle of addiction within the Transylvanian culture.

We invite you to sign up for our e-updates. We promise we won’t flood your inbox, and we don’t share your information with any third parties. We usually try to provide a short e-update once a month through-out the year, with a longer annual report at the close of the year. We will also communicate specific prayer and funding needs through these e-updates, so you can be aware of those opportunities.


We also invite you to join our client sponsorship team. This focused group receives requests from recovering addicts who are entering the Long-Term Therapy Program but need financial sponsorship, prayer, and encouragement along the way.


Our partners in the United States (4D Ministries), and in the U.K. (Blythswood Care) receive our donations from those respective countries in order to provide tax free donation possibilities. If you would like to support us financially please click on the link that corresponds to your respective country. Please be sure to designate your donation for the Bonus Pastor Foundation.

For US donations:


For UK donations:


If, for some reason, you don’t want to / can’t make use of the above described tax free donation, you can also support us by direct donation, through Paypal.