Operating Principles

How do we approach addiction?

We consider addiction to be an operating disorder that affects the whole person and their relationships.

Our foundation is built on a Christian (reformed) spirituality. In recovery, we offer the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to those who turn to us for help. However, engagement in religion or belief is not a precondition for admission or participation in any program, but rather an opportunity that offers a handhold.

Accordingly, in the therapies and in the recovery process we have two goals:

  • Symptomatic Treatment: achieving total abstinence (abstinence), eliminating pending behavior
  • Personality Development: change in relationships, which guarantees long-term maintenance of abstinence.

To engage in the change process and achieve recovery it is necessary for the addict to commit themselves, be motivated to change, and actively participate in the process. The professional empathetic atmosphere exhibited by the staff of the Bonus Pastor Foundation the appropriate environment for change.

How do we work?

In the recovery from addiction we focus on the personal growth and responsibility of the client.
Our work has a great place in Christian spirituality, on the basis of which we believe that every person has a chance to live in the freedom of grace. Our therapeutic work is to be performed in the spirit of Christ’s acceptance and love.

We are working with addicts (and their family members) with a multidimensional intervention based on the needs of the individual and the severity of their problem: in some cases outpatient care, in other situations we offer short or long residential care in our therapy programs. In both cases the professional staff use a variety of methods: addiction counseling, psychotherapy, individual, parental or family therapy, group therapy, and therapeutic community (Portage model).

Therapy programs are supplemented by aftercare and prevention activities.