About The Foundation

The Bonus Pastor Foundation exists to help those seeking rescue and recovery from addiction, including alcohol, drug, gambling, and sexual addictions, their families and dependents. Our Christian faith is at the heart of how we address addiction through our three main initiatives, Prevention, Therapy, and Aftercare. Currently our programs are primarily conducted in Hungarian, as we seek to reach the ethnic Hungarian population in Transylvania. We work closely with various members of the umbrella organization, ROSAAC (Romanian Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition) referring native Romanian speakers to these organizations if they require services that we do not yet offer in Romanian.

We believe that there is the possibility to change even in the most desperate and hopeless lives. Our belief is reinforced by the fact that more than 70% of the addicts who complete our Long Term Therapy Program have been able to remain sober, and rebuild their lives and relationships. We strive to continue walking alongside those who have taken the first step on the road to change.

We view addiction as a problem that affects the whole family, so we strongly encourage family members to participate in our therapy programs when possible. We share our Christian faith with our clients but we do not make faith in Jesus Christ a pre-requisite for participation in any of our therapy programs. Anyone who asks for help with problems related to addiction is welcomed into our programs without discrimination.

1993-2020 in numbers:

  • 500+ people have participated in our Long Term Residential Therapy Program
  • 1,150+ people have participated in Short Term Therapy Programs (12 Day programs)
  • 10,500+ people have participated in individual therapy sessions
  • 600+ teenagers have participated in summer prevention camps
  • 900+ children have participated in summer prevention camps
  • 21,000+ teenagers have participated in our school prevention programs.