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The Bonus Pastor (latin for Good Shepherd) Foundation (BPF) gives help for those who suffer from alcohol, drug, gambling and other types of addiction, those who are recovering and their families, combining social and psychological assistance with the sharing of the Gospel. Read more about our projects.


Resident Sponsorship Program: Be Part of a Change!


A New Step in the Work Therapy Program

Is God Calling You To Volunteer In Romania

With Bonus Pastor? (New Volunteer Opportunity) 


Blessed Holidays!


A generous gift for Bonus Pastor


Report about the Bonus Pastor Children’s Camp


Survivor Camp 13-16.06.2016. Rimetea


Former residents’ reunion (Old Boys Meeting) June 3-5, 2016


The saddest struggles we have


News from the Aftercare Groups


Pentecost has no Cost, but a “Bonus”!


The water situation in Ozd


National Conference at Mera


The Farm in Ozd will Change Owners

Levente 2

Easter thoughts from Levente

Szabo Anita 2

Impressions of a student about the Bonus Pastor prevention program

homalyos arcok

February Newsletter and Prayer Update


Year starter staff meeting in January

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Christmas update from Levente

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10 year anniversary of the Therapy Center

Hollandia januar 2015 Endre Istvan Harry

Netherlands visit

Dalmi and Harry laptop

New laptop for accounting

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2015 – a year of changes and challenges


2014 volunteer teams in Ozd: Holten (Netherlands) and Halle (Germany)


The struggle for a clean life

Fergusons May 21 Ozd

Ferguson family in Ozd

water project

Ozd Water Project

We are happy to announce that starting from 2014 all of our activities now follow a non-smoking policy, this way we can be more effective in offering help in getting rid of this very unhealthy and expensive addiction. Here you can read a short goodbye letter one of the boys wrote to his old “friend”: Goodbye cigarette



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Mar 13

The Power of the Morning Glory

    An Every-day Tale Interview with Bontya Csaba, a former client, in the Népújság newspaper. LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE | FEBRUARY 19, 2013 (in Hungarian) The pale-blue looking, wrinkled faced man arrived with a flower. Under his jacket he was hiding a single bloom resembling the hue of a morningRead more
Mar 14

Apples and Oranges

We have no intention of making false analogies, all we want to say is a big Thank You to the youth from Genéziusz in Cluj Napoca, who at the end of January gathered 20 kg of apples and 9 kg of oranges for our residents in Ozd. While the twoRead more
Feb 20

Looking back on 2012

If someone would ask me, to sum up this past year, I could probably best describe it with these two words: busy and blessed. Busy, because we had a lot of events, visitors, volunteer groups from abroad, projects and challenges and we managed to keep it all together even withRead more