Annual Aftercare Camp at Harghita

It’s a great joy to announce that the traditional Annual Aftercare Camp will take place this summer, as well.

2021. May 26.  

4 Days Therapy 2/2021

The second 4 days therapy of this year will take place at mid-June at Cătălina.

2021. May 26.  

12 Days Therapy 2/2021

Bonus Pastor Foundation will be organizing a new 12 days therapy program at the beginning of May.

2021. April 12.  

Launching a new therapy program!

In addition to the well-known short (12-days) therapy program, now we are launching the 4-days version.

2021. February 14.  

National Conference 1/2021

The 1st National Conference of this year is taking place at Oradea at the beginning of February.

2021. January 24.  

Short-Term Therapy 1/2021

The first short-term therapy of the year will start on 8 February at the Therapy Center from Ozd.

2021. January 16.  

Short-Term Therapy 4/2020

November comes with a new opportunity for healing at the Therapy Center from Ozd.

2020. October 6.  

Short-Term Therapy 3/2020

A new short-term therapy program will be organized at the end of August.

2020. August 8.  

Annual Aftercare Camp 2020

The traditional summer aftercare camp at Harghita will be organized this year, as well.

2020. July 21.  

Short-term therapy program 2/2020

We are glad to announce that Bonus Pastor Foundation will be organizing again a short therapy program for addicts and their adult relatives.

2020. June 4.