The staff and volunteers of Bonus Pastor Foundation are guided by the same goal:
to help the person seeking rescue and recovery from the effects of addiction experience change.
We all are seeking this change, each within their own field of expertise.

Kálmán Adorján| priest | volunteer

I’m not new to ministry among addicts: I have spent almost fifteen years in it. I have certainly benefited from this period and I hope the same for those whom I have served. Since 2013, I’ve been serving as a church pastor, so after three years of hiatus, I continue to organise some of the Foundation’s programs as a volunteer, with the same great love.

Tünde Kocsis| volunteer

I’m a clinical psychologist, and I’ve been volunteering at the Bonus Pastor Foundation for ten years. We are currently operating a support group in Oradea. In addition, I provide professional help (guidance and counseling) for those seeking therapeutic opportunities in Margita and Oradea. Life-changing experiences are tying me to Bonus Pastor Foundation and to the growing support-community.

Emese Bagoly| volunteer

I started my career as a spiritual counselor as a relative of an alcohol addict. Because I learned from my own experience what a serious negative influence this disease has on families, it is very important for me to say and represent that “The Lord is good, He is a place of escape on the day of trouble and knows those who I trust in him.”(Naum 1: 7). The Bonus Pastor Foundation programs, where I work as a volunteer, provide good opportunities for doing so.

Árpád Szabó| volunteer

As a retired priest, I’m working as a volunteer at the Therapy Center from Ozd. In each of the three
churches I served, I paid particular attention to addicts, trying for years to help their healing in a separate support group. The residents I now work with are my friends and constitute my little “congregation”: I pray for them regularly, I know their pains ands dreams, and I try to lift them with the help of Christ from the bondage of dependence.

Csaba Puskás| volunteer

Ever since I was a child I was attracted to people living on the outskirts of society, trying to help them as I could. Maybe this trait was the one to lead me to the medical profession, but I never thought I’d ever deal with addicts. But it happened for me to be among the founders of the support group in Satu Mare, currently being its coordinator. It is a great joy to witness so many recovered lives, therefore I feel privileged to be part of the Bonus Pastor Foundation team.

Katalin Ravasz| PR Volunteer

I first got in contact with Bonus Pastor Foundation because of a personal story. I was impressed by the presence of the staff member, the attention she gave to my story, how she understood what I was talking about. Later, as I interacted with other staff I found they brought the same level of attention and care. Because of this I try to give something back and to contribute my professional knowledge so that the Foundation becomes visible and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Beáta Angyalosi| photographer

When I first told my Uncle about the Bonus Pastor Foundation he thought I wanted to send him to a sanatorium, but this characterization cannot be applied at all to the Ozd Therapy Center. I think it is very important that people who are interested in therapy can see the friendly, homely environment that welcomes them there. I am happy if I can contribute toward representing this with my professional photography skills.