Staff Members

The staff and volunteers of Bonus Pastor Foundation are guided by the same goal:
to help the person seeking rescue and recovery from the effects of addiction experience change.
We all are seeking this change, each within their own field of expertise.

Levente Horváth, PhD| President | Founder

My wife and I have been involved with the Reformed Rescue Mission from the beginning which has been a great privilege for us. When we set up the mission (1993) and then launched Bonus Pastor Foundation (1996) I could not have imagined that this work and the founding and operation of the Therapy Center could have grown into such a beautiful story. We have been witnessing the breathtaking recovery of our many dependent friends over the years which has been a great honor for me and more beneficial than all my theoretical research and studying.

Csilla Henter| Executive Director

I believe it’s no coincidence that after 20 years of working in the financial world, I joined the team of a foundation which works with socially excluded people. The deeper I get into the life of the Foundation, the more I consider it a miracle of God that this foundation still exists and has been working for so many years for the physical and mental healing of so many. I am happy that I can contribute to this as a team member.

Éva Adorján| Director | Therapy Center

I have worked as a social worker at the Foundation since 2000, and I have been the Ozd Therapy Center Director since 2014. I am privileged to do a job I like, to be surrounded by me colleagues and to have the opportunity to help people seeking rescue from their addictions. As I help facilitate change I find that I personally change and for this I am very grateful.

Éva Bartha| Clinical Psychologist

I have been working for over two decades (since 1996) at the Bonus Pastor Foundation. I began work as an office manager initially, then a program coordinator. Currently I work as the Staff Training and Development Coordinator, the Prevention Programs Coordinator, and conduct individual counseling and therapy. I am searching, together with those who allow me to do this, the way, with the hope that this will transform us on the image of God.

István R. Szabó, ThDr| project manager

I have been involved with the ministry of the Bonus Pastor Foundation since I lived in Odorhei back in the early ’90s when the support group was started there. I remember talking to the founder of the support group on the sidewalk. She noticed a drunk lady on the other side of the road and suddenly crossed the road, hugged that lady and compassionately talked to her. This story and the stories of the many addicts I got acquainted to over more than two decades always touched my heart.

Tünde Geréb| Psychotherapist

Encounter, Relationship, Trust, Chance, Change… these keywords determine my work at Bonus Pastor Foundation. Since 1998 I have been working as a psychologist, first in Cluj-Napoca and later in the Székelyudvarhely office. Apart from ambulatory programs (individual counseling and therapy), I am also involved in the annual programs of the Foundation: short therapy programs, aftercare, and prevention work.

Mária Horváth| Social Worker

Originally I was a chemistry and physics teacher, but after beginning working with addicts I went back to school for a Social Worker degree in order to transfer into full time work with addicts. I currently work as a staff member in the Ozd Therapy Center and feel honored to be able to walk alongside a person during their struggle on the road to change.

Teréz Fülpesi| Financial Director

I have worked as an accountant in the Bonus Pastor Foundation since November 2005. I handle various financial and administrative tasks. I am happy to work with an organization where the focus is not on profit, but on human values, relationships and God.

László Gergely| Psychotherapist

I became a staff member at the Bonus Pastor Foundation in July 2011, but before that I worked as a volunteer since 1998 organizing the summer camps for the Foundation. I graduated university with a degree in psycho-pedagogy in 1996 and later specialized in psychodrama. I currently work as a psychologist in the Ozd Therapy Center. I consider a privilege to be a part of this organization.

Dóra Gergely| Social Worker

Human destinies and struggles have always interested me, somehow I always wanted to make the world better. I met Bonus Pastor Foundation as a volunteer and since 2017 I work as an employed social worker. I mainly deal with short-term therapy programs and the Târgu Secuiesc support group.

Ferenc Kozma| Therapy Worker

In September 2009 I left the Ozd Therapy Center after nine months of therapy as an addict. With great gratitude in my heart I set out from a place where the presence of God was almost tangible at almost every moment. After my return to my home I set up a support group in my home town of Sepsiszentgyörgy. I have had the opportunity to participate in torturing and training that helps me greatly in my current role. I consider that everyday is a gift from God and I am grateful that my family accepted me back.

Előd Szakács| Therapy Worker

I was delighted to become a staff member at Bonus Pastor Foundation, because I have long been admiring the work God is doing through the staff. Since June 2013 I have had the privilege to work within the organization and experience that the work which often seems beautiful from the outside is in fact the result of many people’s hard work, but especially the result of God’s grace.

Éva Deé Lukács| Office Manager

After completing the French Hungarian school at Babes-Bolyai University I worked for a Christian magazine until the end of 2009. As a journalist and an editor, I have been regularly reporting on the activities of Bonus Pastor Foundation since I first entered the field. In this way I began to be part of the struggles and joys of the Foundation. After six years of maternity leave it has been an honor for me to return to work as the Bonus Pastor Foundation Office Manager.

Magdolna McAlister| Therapy Worker

I am a social worker and a mental health professional. I have been working for the Bonus Pastor Foundation since January 2021, primarily in the Therapy Center from Ozd. I have been following the Foundation’s missionary work for years, and it is a real privilege for me to be part of the Foundation as a staff member now. I feel like I’ve arrived “home”. I’ve realized that working with addicts is only difficult as long as I am not confronted with my own addictions. This work has given me the opportunity to do so, and my heart is grateful for that.

Imola Merza| accountant

I am Merza Imola. I work at the finance department of the Foundation, and help the administrative staff. It is a privilege for me to work for the Bonus Pastor Foundation. My time is precious here and I keep learning new things on daily basis.

Annamária Máthé| collaborator in the field of prevention

Given that I come from a dysfunctional family and that addiction was present in my life, I consider my work at the foundation as a calling. I currently run different prevention programs for young people and I am one of the leaders of the support group for addicts in Târgu Mureș

Mátyás Nagy| Maintenance

My time as a resident at the Therapy Centre in 2022 changed my life. This experience inspires me to be an example for the community at the Centre. In my role as a team member, I am responsible for maintenance and acquisitions. Meeting with the residents and fellow colleagues energises me to carry out my duties with joy and responsibility!

Zsolt Fazekas| Therapy Worker

I first started volunteering for Bonus Pastor in 2019. In January 2023, a Bonus Pastor colleague called and asked if I would consider working at the Therapy Centre. I am delighted to have this opportunity to join the team!