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Ozd Site and Projects

An estate in the small village of Ozd is the site of BPF’s therapy centre and part of the camps. The village lies in central Transylvania, halfway between Cluj Napoca and Târgu Mureş. BPF owns a small castle with auxiliary buildings (granary, barn, stable) and 8 hectares of land. This property was donated to BPF by Baroness Maria Konredscheim.

All buildings were initially in a very poor state of neglect. For this reason BPF has been undertaking restoration work since 1998 with the help of many international volunteer workteams, construction workers employed by the Foundation, local construction companies and many other volunteers.


The Drug Therapy Centre provides accommodation and group activities for the clinets attending long-term therapy and, whenever possible for the 12-day therapy camps. 

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The castle project belongs to the future. BPF intends to convert the building into a conference/study/retreat centre, which can contribute financially to BPF’s ministry work and be beneficial for other Christian projects in Romania. 

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The straw-bale shelter is a small experimental building constructed using straw-bales. The technology was brought by a work team from Northern Ireland. Currently it is used as a workshop and storage.




The barn was renovated partway. Walls were built using the same straw bale technique as for the shelter. The single large room is used for sport activities of the therapy centre and storage for the farm.





Three houses in the village host administrative, construction and ministry staff and volunteers of BPF.