The Challenges of Abstinence

The National Conference provides opportunities to communicate information about addiction. Those freed from addiction or those who wish to be free, accompanied by family, learn something to help in the process of change.

These spring and autumn meetings play an important role in aftercare by providing a supportive community and teaching on the issues associated with adapting to a new life. The support group “Aspirants” from Satu Mare organised our spring National Conference (for the fifth consecutive time). And the support groups from Miercurea Ciuc hosted our autumn conference. On both occasions, we addressed the topics of the challenges of abstinence and the personality changes caused by abstinence. The presentations included looking at the topic of accepting change – asking how a recovered addict meets himself and his new personality. We also discussed how family members should react to the new individual. The Conference approached these topics both through lectures and small group discussions. The participants found themselves in the story of Zacchaeus during our devotions. In their free time, the guests toured the city of Satu Mare led by the graphic artist and local art and history writer Sándor Muhi. In Miercurea Ciuc, besides visiting the citadel of the city and the museum, the participants watched movies related to the conference theme. On Sunday, the guests attended services in several churches in the city and surrounding villages. At these services, several participants shared their testimonies and talked about the healing opportunities offered by the Bonus Pastor Foundation.