I don’t have to be like others, I can be like no one else! – Prevention in Schools

In September, several schools from different counties invited us to hold prevention classes. In grades V-VIII, we use games and team-building activities to teach that anyone can become a victim anytime. We emphasise the inherent value of each person – showing that value does not derive from achievements or extra performances. It is not necessary to integrate into the crowd, and it is not shameful to ask for help. You do not have to be like others; you can be like no one else!

In high school classes, we focus on increasing personal motivation and encouraging students to make decisions and take responsibility. We present facts, options, and dangers – urging them to decide responsibly whether it is worth resorting to drug use. Usually, students appreciate being involved as partners in activities and being able to express their point of view. As much as possible, we invite former residents of the Therapy Centre to talk about their life experiences. Young people appreciate hearing real-life examples more than static information. The students can ask the questions that concern them. At the end of the activity, each student can express their thoughts and experiences like, “I tried, but I didn’t think it would have consequences”; “I knew what it meant, but now feeling and seeing with my own eyes, I am sure why I don’t want to do it.” When we hear these statements, we know that prevention has been successful!

Prevention for parents is also an essential element of this process. We observe how parents are unprepared in this area and helplessly witness their children’s problems. Most children tell us that their parents do not have time for them. They experience their parents expecting that expensive gadgets or money will make children mature. We aim to teach them that maturity and growth come through personal attention and relationships. For many teenagers, having a parent listen to them, consciously spend time with them, or organise everyday activities together can feel like salvation! We aim to offer parents specialised assistance in this regard and in managing existing problematic situations.


Magdolna McAlister
social worker