Family members’ Conference 1/2019

Relatives of addicts are invited to meet at the Therapy Center at the end of March.

2019. March 3.  

Short-Term Therapy Program 1/2019

Beginning with mid-February Bonus Pastor Foundation will be organizing the 1st short-term therapy program for addicts and their adult relatives.

2019. January 30.  

National Conference 1/2019

On the third weekend of January, in Mezőpanit, the first National Conference of this year will take place.

2019. January 13.  

Program calendar 2019

We are ready planning our recurring programs for 2019. Hope to see you on many of them!

2019. January 5.  

Celebration at Ozd: Thanksgiving Day

About 200 people came together to express gratitude towards our Lord and all those who supported our ministry is so many ways over the two and half decades.

2018. November 26.  

Thanksgiving Day

Celebrating 25 years of activity of serving the addicts and the renovation of the Therapy Center, we invite all friends of Bonus Pastor Foundation to celebrate with us.

2018. October 1.  

Short-Term Therapy Program 2018/4.

The last Short-Term Therapy of this year will start at the end of October, at the Therapy Center from Ozd.

2018. September 16.  

National Conference 2018/3.

On the first weekend of October, the 3rd National Conference of this year will take place in Vajnafalva.

2018. September 13.  

Let’s meet at the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj!

Presentations, drunk-glasses, drunk-driving simulator, quiz games – this is our offer for the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj.

2018. August 23.  

Pentecostal Blessing

With the upcoming Pentecost, Rev. Kálmán Adorján shared his thoughts.

2018. May 17.