Veterans Meeting 2023

Veterans meetings are considered a double celebration at the Therapy Centre. The former clients celebrate the reunions and the opportunity to demonstrate their gratitude for their success. For the current residents, these meetings provide encouragement as they meet people who have managed to break free from addiction. The two meetings this year addressed two themes: communication and relationships. As addiction brings gradual isolation and communication breakdowns, relearning good communication skills is a serious task. Relationships with those closest to the addict need healing to provide support and continued freedom.

A significant part of the daily program took place together with the residents. The veterans also spent time discussing that meeting’s theme. We emphasised that our lives are fulfilled in mutual communication with God through daily conversations, reading Scripture, and prayer. Our personal relationship with Him can renew and strengthen our human relationships.

“I remember, at the beginning of therapy, how motivating it was for me to meet former residents. I told myself that if they could succeed, then I must succeed too!”

“During my therapy, I often thought that I would also return to the Veterans meeting. I succeeded; I’m here!”