Let’s meet at the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj!

During the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj, we offer you the following presentations and activities:

Wednesday, August 22, 5 PM
If I’m not a hedonist, will I still fall prey to addictions?
Levente Horváth, lecturer, President of BPF

Thursday, August 23, 5 PM
Nobody escapes?
Preventive workshop with Éva Bartha, clinical psychologist

Friday, August 24, 5 PM
Where is the limit?
Mária Horváth, Social Worker, Therapy Center of Ozd

Saturday, August 25, 5 PM
Open Doors – Introspection in everyday life at the Therapy Center of Ozd with Éva Bartha, Mária Horváth

Saturday, August 25, 6 PM
Open book – Dialogue with one of the residents of the Therapy Center

During the day, you can try the drunk-glasses, drunk-driving simulator, or participate in quiz games.Waiting to meet you there!