Daily Life at the Therapy Center in Ozd

“I won’t apologise to everyone anymore!” – declared A* irritably. A* sought to work on managing his aggression. One day, A* deeply hurt B*. After struggling all day, B* gathered all his courage to bring up the issue at the evening group meeting. A* listened attentively to his colleague’s hesitant testimony. Suddenly, he stood up, approached him, and embraced him. “Forgive me!” – A* exclaimed. The others applaud him –experiencing the joy of forgiveness. What happened confirmed for everyone that change is possible. It also acted as another link in the chain, bringing cohesion to the team.

The above situation illustrates a daily yet special moment at the Therapy Centre in Ozd. The residents of the Therapy in Ozd internalise the importance of solidarity. Since the beginning of the year, 48 residents have enrolled in long-term therapy. Some of them have successfully completed their therapy, others have dropped out, while others continue to work diligently on rebuilding their personalities. The atmosphere is familial. Residents help each other, encourage those who are stuck, and support those who have reached a crossroads. They practice hospitality when the Therapy Centre hosts other programs. They warmly welcomed fellow participants in the 12-day Therapy programs and those returning to the Former Residents Meeting. The sincere testimonies of former clients strengthen the residence resolve to continue therapy, demonstrating the possibility for them to live a new and healthy life. The residence also participated in the national conferences in Satu Mare and Miercurea Ciuc. The Aftercare camp also provided positive motivation for them. This camp also offered them a safe transition between the Therapy Centre and the outside world, allowing them to practice and test what they learned during therapy.