Changes for BPF – Netherlands

After many years of gracious support and service Bonus Pastor Foundation Netherlands is drawing to a close, but there is also a new step to be taken.

2017. September 22.  

2017 Annual Aftercare Camp

This year’s aftercare camp took place in Bucsin with more than 80 people participating. Returning and first time participants welcomed each other with curiosity, joy, and acceptance.

2017. September 3.  

2017 Children’s Prevention Camp

Our annual children’s prevention camp took place in July in Bucsin. We were thankful for nearly 50 participating children this year, and a strong group of volunteer support staff.

2017. July 15.  

A New Step in the Work Therapy Program

The Bonus Pastor Foundation has started a woodworking shop as part of work therapy program. In the workshop we produce small decorative items which can be sold to help fund the program.

2017. July 12.