The water situation in Ozd

WP_20150723_001As many of you know we have struggled for years with proper water supply at our Ozd campus. Over the past two years we have partnered with our Dutch brothers and sisters from BPF Netherlands to begin a water project to bring cleaner water into the Therapy Center and to renew the bathrooms and water supply pipes in the whole building. While it has been a long process we at last have a contract signed for the first phase of the project which will include running our deep well water through a sediment tank system before it enters the Therapy Center, and installing public potable water into the kitchen and office refreshment room.

We expect work to begin on phase 1 in the near future. We have also begun working on the next plans and contract for phase two and three of the project which include replacing allWP_20150723_002 the supply pipes in the building and completely renewing the bathrooms which are in very poor condition.

We are especially grateful for God’s provisions through both BPF Netherlands and a local business here in Romania, Melinda Instal who have patiently and persistently worked with us to develop the water project, the plans, funding, and providing us with the fixtures and equipment at wholesale prices.


Posted by Kyle Ferguson on May 05, 2016 under Uncategorized