2013 Kamerik volunteer group report

At the end of July we had the priviedge of hosting this year’s first volunteer group from Kamerik, Holland. They showed outstanding commitment and perseverance, they worked really hard even in the unbearable hot weather, so hard, they finished ahead of schedule. We would like to say a big thank you once again for all their effort and we can’t wait to have them back next year!

Read their report and take a look at some of the work they did.

Travelogue: Kamerik – Ozd, 2013

Kamerik group

The Bonus Pastor Foundation and the work they do in Romania has been long known in Kamerik.

Quite a few volunteer groups from Kamerik have been to Ozd in the past few years to help with various building projects at the Therapy Centre and the surrounding buildings. The last group went out in 2008 to help with some construction activities.

The stories the volunteers told when they went home were contagious, people became enthusiastic, it was an unforgettable experience for many. Particularly those coming from a Christian background became interested in helping people in Romania.

There were several attempts to organize another trip, but fur a variety of reasons it didn’t happen until this spring, when about 8 boys and 2 girls aged 16-21 indicated they would like to go to Ozd on a “work” holiday. Two adults were found to accompany them and the organizing began.

kitchinette ready

The first question was what work should be done and if it can be done with the team. Our architect, Jan Baldé, visited the site and consulted with the board of Bonus Pastor and Hans de Vries’ did an inventory and made ​​a proposal.

The desire was to make a place where guests can sit down to do their group activities outside in fresh air on the plateau next to the Therapy Center. The decision was made to build a pergola to create some shade on hot days and two large picnic tables so even a big group could sit down. A new concrete floor was planned for the whole thing and the stairs were to be renovated.

A second wish was make a small kitchenette next to the office in the Therapy Centre.

building pergola

Back in Kamerik the plans were developed and the young people got busy doing various activities to raise money for the materials and travel costs, like washing cars and organizing a fundraiser market at the church, many others also got involved, some who had previously been to Romania. 

On the 27th of July, Jan left with two young people and all the luggage and materials in a bus to go to Ozd. Two days later the rest of the team followed, first driving to the airport in Dortmund from where they flew to Cluj.

The welcome was warm. Hans had everything neatly arranged and the materials had all arrived. The group slept in the castle and the meals were also prepared there and tasted great.


Monday morning we went right to work and despite the hot weather we got the work done well before we had planned. Therefore we had the time and opportunity to see some of the beautiful surroundings and visit some nearby cities.

A few times we invited the clients over for some Dutch pancakes, the specialty of Jan and one afternoon we joined them in their daily work. Communication was a bit difficult as most of them only spoke Hungarian, but we didn’t need much translation during our daily football matches.

As a group we had a wonderful time and gained an unforgettable experience. We would like to thank all the people at Bonus Pastor again for their hospitality and cordiality. We hope the terrace and the kitchen will be useful. We hope and pray that the beautiful but difficult work that people at Bonus Pastor do may be blessed. May lives be changed and God be glorified!


Kind regards from Kamerik (Netherlands)

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