The Farm in Ozd will Change Owners


After carefully reviewing BP’s ownership of the farm building and immediately surrounding land in Ozd in the context of our primary calling as a ministry, we can announce that there will soon be a change of owners. We consider this to be God’s provision and an answer to prayer.

The Board of the Bonus Pastor Ministries decided at the end of the last year to seek to sell the farm buildingsand the related 1.3 hectares (~13 acres) of land. This decision was motivated by the increasing deterioration of the buildings, the impossibility of continuing to include long-term program residents in the work of the farm due to state regulations and the need for significant investments in the repair and improvement of the buildings. Another important aspect which was taken into account was BP’s interest in seeing that a new owner would have a desire and ability to create and/or sustain jobs in the village. On March 16 the pre-contract was signed between the Bonus Pastor Foundation and the Betalef ltd. company. This means that by August 2017, after the last installment is paid by the buyer, the final sale contract will be signed and the ownership will be transferred at that time. Since Betalef is locally owned and managed, there will be welcome continuity as they have been the ones who rented the facilities and the surrounding land since the farming operations (dairy herd and equipment) were sold to a partnership led by Martin Douma in 2009. Martin and his wife Debbie, from Winnipeg, Canada, served for many years as both resident volunteer dairy farmers and later as consultants. They, along with their local partners, responded to BPF’s need for critical financial investment in the core ministries of BP at that time. The income from this follow-on sale of the buildings and related land  will be used for further investment in the BPF ministries, including the installation of a wood-fired heating system in the Therapy Center. This will contribute a 20-30% reduction of  heating costs.

We would like to thank all those brothers and sisters who invested time, volunteer work and funds in and around the farm in Ozd over the years. That investment proved to be essential in rescuing the main farm building years ago from collapse and adding value to it through various improvements, so that we could now sell it at market value. By reinvesting part of the income from this final sale into an alternative heating system we will be reducing ongoing costs with a more economical use of energy. This will have a positive effect on the operating budget of Bonus Pastor. Subsequently we can invest more in the addiction recovery programs, which form the core mission of our ministry.


Istvan Szabo,
Executive Director

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