Teenagers Camp 2013

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25 young people had the wonderful opportunity to be at the Bonus Pastor Teenagers Camp in Ozd between the 26th of August and the 1st of September 2013. Many of them came from difficult backgrounds like broken homes and divorced parents or families struggling with addiction and poverty.

The camp was organized by Zsuzsi Adorján and was helped by group of 12 volunteers with some very interesting talents, like a literary scholar, an art historian, an athlete, a geographer and even a pianist, just to name a few.

The theme of this year’s camp was “Relationships and communication”. As we are social beings, the development of our personality and identity is defined by our relationships: with ourselves, our family, our friends and with God. Each day had its particular theme which was analyzed through interactive presentations and games, group discussions, but also personal life stories were shared by the volunteers. The very popular “living books” was a great success, where the campers were able to “read” the volunteers, asking them interesting questions and getting to know them better.

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Of course free time activities were also on the schedule and thank God, the weather was pleasant too. Each morning started with the traditional workout and some energizing musical games, then later on during the day there was plenty of time to get rid of that extra energy. Football, volleyball, slackline, team-building, strength tests, the kids weren’t given the option of being bored. They also had the opportunity to develop their creativity through various workshops, and they also did some very interesting news segments, weather reports, funny skits for the “Camp TV”.

The teenagers left the camp with great memories and a new life perspective, we feel there is a real need to organize these camps.

We want to thank all our sponsors who made this camp possible and affordable to many young people, and to all the volunteers for their time and energy!

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Our highlighted sponsors:

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Here are some thoughts from some of the campers and volunteers:

I’ve been to the Mini Teen Camps many times before, and this year my best friend said to me: “Hey, they’re having a Teen Camp! Are we going?” Well of course we came. When I think of the camp, the first thing that comes to me is the castle. Then I remember all the castles details and surroundings, many-many people and many wonderful memories. I can’t say I had one specific thing I liked the most, I enjoyed each and every activity. I was really touched by Hans’ testimony and I really enjoyed the small group activities. My fondest memory? Can I tell the whole camp from beginning to end? I also participated on the prayer walk, which still has a strong impact on me, but also all the honest conversation I had with many people. Of course I want to come next year! And I want to bring others too! Kelmen Hanga, camper

I first heard about the camp from my best friend, so my cousin and I thought it would be worth a try. Even now, a while after the camp, I gladly remember the time there, all the fun activities and honest, deep conversations. Among my favorite activities was the tour of the castle and the “living books”. We had a lot of fun, the activities were all dynamic and the whole group really bonded well together. It would be hard to choose only one thing as my favorite, but the last evening around the camp fire was really special. I really enjoyed the strength challenge too, which Hans organized, but maybe that’s because my team won… The prayer walk was very good food for thought, it was good to put everything aside and concentrate only on God. I would really like to come back next year too! Szász Bernadett, camper

For me the volunteer group was real success this year, I always fear I will quickly get exhausted and all of a sudden I start hating the whole thing, but this didn’t happen this year, on the contrary, I became more and more enthusiastic. I feel all of us knew our place and what we had to do. The other thing that was special was how different we all were as individuals, but how we all could be one in Christ. Visky Anna, volunteer

It’s the first time I accepted the challenge to organize the camp. All thought the preparing and during the camp itself, I could feel how God was leading us step by step, preparing and using us, Him being present, as the volunteers became one as a group. I feel we all made this camp our own, the fate of the participants, all their individual life stories, as we saw their wrinkles become smooth and smiles appeared on their faces. God is present in the healing tears, when the walls fall down, in all the hugs, the loudness and excitement, and in the silence… Adorján Zsuzsi, camp leader

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