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Need List

We gladly receive any object, tool or accessories of which you got bored of and you don’t need it anymore, but can be useful and is still in working condition. Save some space at home and give us your unnecessary stuff.

Please, contact the Manager of the Ozd Therapy Centre, Éva Adorján.
Tel: +40-743-039255
E-mail: adorjaneva@bonuspastor.com

Household items

  • energy efficient light bulbs
  • electric irons

Electrical items

  • video projector
  • copy machine
  • laptops

Leisure and creative items

  • musical instruments: guitar, jambee drums, conga drums
  • games, board games
  • DIY tools
  • wood carving tools
  • supplies for camping/hiking: tents, mattresses, backpacks, thermos flasks, boots