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Take part in our work!

Help families recover from addiction and to get a chance to hear about the Gospel. Choose from one of the five ways of effective help – you can greatly help with even a small sum:

1. Bonus Pastor Foundation Membership Offer

  • Donate 30 Euros per month (or 90 Euros quarterly) as a membership fee
  • We will publish your name or your company name on our website
  • We will inform you about the Foundation’s work through our quarterly newsletters and our annual report
  • You can spend a week each year in a village-house in Ozd, at a time of your choosing.
  • more info

2. You can support a client of his therapy expense!

You can support a client by praying personally for him and paying part/or the whole of his therapy expense, depending upon their personal and/or family’s financial circumstances! There are addicts who wish to change their life and attend a therapy program, but cannot afford to pay the fees, either by themselves or from their family members.
By request, you have the option of knowing exactly who you are supporting, by name and with a photograph, under the condition of confidentiality.
You will receive every other month a report either from the client or from his mentor about the results of his therapy. In this way you can also have a part in understanding and praying for his progress.
For more information please contact us. (You can find contact details at the bottom of this page.)

3. Support us with a small, but regular donation!

“Many a little makes a mickle” (old Scottish proverb) – a small but regular donation helps us to be able to run our programs. Offer the Foundation a small amount monthly. Let us know about your decision by sending us the Support Form by email and contact a representative of Bonus Pastor in your country who can arrange to collect the support.

Email: membership@bonuspastor.com

4. Support us with items or products.

See the list of needs here.

5. You can give us a single (one-time) donation

In cases where a donation contract helps you (or your company) to discount or otherwise offset the expense of our support, please download > the form, fill it in and we will send you back a signed acknowledgement or receipt.

€450 or £360 or $570 pays for a month of therapy in the Ozd Therapy Centre for a person struggling with his addiction problem.

€270 or £220 or $340 pays for a someone with alcohol addiction to complete a whole 12-day therapy programme.

€90 or £70 or $110 is needed for a child from an addicted family background to attend a one-week summer camp where they can receive essential help for being able to live a different life.

You can reach us with your support:

  • by sending cash (through a representative of Bonus Pastor in your country who would collect the support)
  • through a bank transfer

If you wish to DONATE DIRECTLY* into our bank account, please use the details below (please be aware of transaction fees):

Name of bank: Raiffeisen Bank

EUR account – IBAN: RO65 RZBR 0000 0600 0314 5030

USD account – IBAN: RO70 RZBR 0000 0600 0852 5918

GBP account – IBAN: RO43 RZBR 0000 0600 0852 5919

If you would like to DONATE ONLINE* please use PayPal

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For online donations from the USA (with tax deduction) donate through our partners, 4DMinistries

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*We kindly ask the supporter to inform us in a short email about the donation to be able to keep a better record of it.

For further information please contact us. Tel: +40-752-246860
E-mail: membership@bonuspastor.com

We gladly welcome any kind of support and your suggestions which can help us to better accomplish our mission and run our programs.

Thank You for deciding to make a donation to Bonus Pastor Foundation!