The struggle for a clean life


ZB was motivated when he arrived at the Therapy Center for the long-term therapy. At the admission interview, when asked why he would like to come to the therapy center, he replied that he’d like to piece his life together.

In his early childhood his parents divorced. His mother could not cope with the divorce, and after a suicide attempt she remained in hospital care for some time, and then she took refuge in another relationship. Her partner often arrived home drunk, and at such times he dealt with them aggressively, assaulting not only Z and his sister, but their mother as well. They often needed to escape…

In addition to the alcohol-abusing husband, Z’s mother also reached for drink more and more. Alcohol use made family life more and more impossible. They had their maternal grandmother, who tried to bring together the family, to raise and manage Z and his sister. The mom’s suicide attempt and later alcoholism really took a toll on Z. Their siblings born from the relationship of the mom and her companion were hardly cared for, as their mother was often in an alcoholic state. Z and his sister fed them and cleaned them.

He was 14 years old when one morning at school he had to face the news of his mother’s death.

At age 19 anger felt toward his stepfather erupted in the course of a conflict. He wanted to teach his stepfather a little lesson, but unfortunately this beating took his stepfather’s life.

After 12 years in prison Z tried to restart his life. Sadly the regular consumption of alcohol which he had started very young in a few years led to a loss of control. Because of his alcohol addiction, problems arose in his workplace and family. At the recommendation of his employer and partner he started therapy.

In the months spent there he needed to confront how much harder it is to face and cope with his problems and burdens than he imagined at first glance. Despite this, he fought persistently and with motivation. Vital for him was the acceptance and love that he experienced in the Center. He often marveled at each viewpoint that he had never considered until now. The desire for God began to awake in him, and he sought the path of forgiveness. He studied the Word, the saving power of prayer.

On opportunities for leave it was very hard to fight the cravings. From one of his days off he came back drunk. For days he couldn’t come out from his shame and disappointment. After a few days passed, he decided to leave the therapy center. There was much in this decision of his, and though residents and staff alike tried to encourage his stay, he went home.

He is currently sober, but he is battling everyday with great difficulty. He did not return to his workplace where nearly daily he drank, fearing relapse. He is searching for work, and from periodic work he is trying to earn the necessities for the livelihood of himself, his partner, and her child.

We pray for him – that he may be saved and get involved in aftercare, in a group!

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