Short-term Therapy – 2014. february 10-21

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Our first Short-term therapy in 2014 was held between February 10-21 at Ozd. Here are some testimonies by a few who attended…

I am 37 year-old woman, a mother of two, and a wife. I used to drink a lot. Although only periodically, I used to drink without measure. When I drank, I often found myself in humiliating and difficult situations; I made unacceptable decisions, things I wouldn’t have done had I been sober. At the time I didn’t feel the destruction I was causing in my family, but last year in August, after a two-day drinking streak, while I was still half drunk and tottering home in broad daylight, a thought somehow hit me: “Oh my God, what would my children feel if they saw me like this or if their friends would tell them they saw their mother in such a state. Can living like this even be called living?” The answer I gave myself was a very sharp no, that this isn’t the life I want, I can’t go on doing this to myself and others. I knew I wanted to change. I thought I was smart and able enough that I could fix it myself. But it took me half a year to realize I couldn’t do it on my own; I kept backsliding and every time I go even deeper. I heard about Bonus Pastor from a friend and I gathered enough courage to ask for their help. They recommended their 12 day Short-term Therapy Program, but I was a bit skeptical about what change could possibly happen with me in such a short time; I am a believer, but what if they excessively cover the whole thing with religious packaging?


I finally decided and accepted, and after feeling a bit awkward at first, I felt like my place was there. The fact that I wore a silk scarf and I could express myself with a more sophisticated vocabulary didn’t mean a thing. I was facing the same problems as anybody else there, whether wearing a sweatshirt, rubber boots or perhaps a tie.

It was awesome to experience that the “thought-provoking devotion” truly did provoke thoughts in me, that the people here were speaking from their heart with humility and the truth, that being accepted has such an immeasurable strength. The group meetings, the individual mentoring talks, and the seminars made me realize it won’t be enough to simply turn my back on drinking. I had to go deeper, to change my perspective, to reshape my whole way of life. During the 12 days I was able to understand what it meant to take responsibility for myself, my children, my community, what it means to have a purpose and to take action. As I said during the goodbyes, at Ozd I not only heard the music of responsibility, of the sober life, and of faith, and listened to the sweet music of responsibility, being sober and believing, but I was also given an instrument [to play this music myself]. Now it’s up to me to learn how to play this instrument. I’m afraid, I admit. It’s a very new feeling to know that I can live this way and how good it feels. I attend a support group and I’m very grateful that there is aftercare [at Bonus Pastor]. I feel that its strength to last is great, so I’m also living with the possibility.


Everybody who attended received a goodbye gift in the form of a book that also contained a hidden message. My code was Mark 8:35 and this is how it’s deciphered: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.”


Thank you! – to everyone.




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