Report about the Bonus Pastor Children’s Camp

This year the Children’s Camp took place between 25-30 July in Ózd. This is the third time I could participate in the camp as a fellow worker. It was great to see familiar faces and to meet new ones.

DSCF0991The main events of a day were: starting the day with a prayer group where we, as the staff, prayed together for the children and for the activities. Then we discussed the tasks of that day, followed by the children being woken up by music.

After morning physical exercises, a delicious breakfast was served, which was combined with preaching and teaching from the Bible, followed by small group gatherings. Of course, there was plenty of free time when the boys were playing football and the girls were doing craft projects. Each day the cooks provided a delicious lunch fro everyone.

DSCF1202We could not miss from this year’s camp the traditional treasure hunt, as well as team activities, which the children enjoyed so much. There would not be real camp without water games. In that moment the kid came out in me, as I had fun with the other children.

Not just the kids awaited the evening, but the adults too. Boti’s missionary history, called  The Adventure in Hong-Kong personally touched my heart. The night walk was a new experience this year with beautiful views illuminated by moonlight and the stars. There were two nights where we lit up a camp fire, which was very cozy.

For me, these five days were not work, but a calling from God. When I am at Ózd, I feel that there is a different world. Silence, calm, away from the noise of the city and especially closer to God.

DSCF1267Neither by money, nor by any other earthly possessions can be measured the feeling when we praise God together with the children. When we were singing worship songs I felt that we broke away from world and were approching Heaven.

All the effort is worth it when we see the joy, the happines and the feeling of freedom on the children’s faces.

A smile, a hug, a good word received from them is the best reward, and then I can say these moments are those which we are those worth living for. I know that God was present during the entire camp, it was so good to feel His closeness and His love which was trasmitted to the children.

I pray for a change in the lives of these children and their families, so that they can feel the unconditional love of God.

DSCF1355I hope that we can continue for years the work of the summer children’s camp. This is a blessing both for the children and for the workers, too.

I thank God for my colleagues with whom it was great to work with.

I wish that all of us could engrave every moment of the camp in our hearts, keeping and passing on the things which were said and heard.

Let us be those types of secret agents in the real world, too.

By Jámbor Ingrid, volunteer social worker of Bonus Pastor

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