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Local Support Groups

Most addicted people require continued support following their recovery. Regular meetings with other recovered addicts are an important source of help for them. BPF maintains support groups in localities where recovered addicts live. These support groups provide an opportunity for recovered addicts to meet with other recovered addicts as well as with those still recovering and other people affected by addiction (for example family members). Sharing of personal experiences and Bible-based devotion are the main elements of the group meetings.

Attendance at groups located in larger cities ranges between 15 and 25 while groups located in smaller villages and towns have an average attendance of between 5 and 15.

Support groups need to be a ground for both encouragement and confrontation. The goal is personal growth and problem solving in a responsible, adult way and, as a consequence, the active participation in the group’s work to help others. Groups are also a place where those still addicted may begin the healing process. There are recovered people who have never attended a therapy program. Here they may be motivated to do so.

Active members of the city groups periodically visit groups in nearby villages. Occasionally BPF staff go on longer trips to visit groups in remote regions. On these trips, in addition to visiting groups, BPF staff also meet individuals. This has proven to be very important for those not having a nearby support group to attend.