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Short-term Therapy Program

Aim: to offer short and intensive therapy.

Target group: people with addiction problems and their (adult) relatives, both men and women.



Duration and frequency: 12 days / 3 times a year.


Elements of the program: group discussion, individual counselling, daily worship and lectures on medical and psychological aspects of addiction. On Sunday – the middle day of the camp – there is also a church service.

The Short-Term Therapy Program basically enables attendees to stay sober, begin facing the problems underlying their addiction and gather information about the possibility, ways and available help for recovery. Voluntary application and personal motivation to cooperate are conditions for participation. Registration happens on basis of a personal interview.


Additional information for potential attendees: We require medical certificates of eventual chronic diseases, psychiatric papers (if available), results of medical examination on TBC, HIV and Hepatitis. If needed, clinical detox should happen before the start of the program.