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Long-term therapy

Aim: to provide long term assistance for recovering addicts. This programme assists them with reintegration into everyday life and to find their roles in society. Besides “staying clean” (not consuming drugs), other important factors include: initiative taking, decisions-making skills, accepting responsibilities, interpersonal skills, handling tasks, time management, work ethics and practical skills

Location: Therapy Centre, Ozd, Mures County



Target Group: Male addicts (alcohol-, drugs- and gambling), aged 18-50.

Therapy period: depending on client progress, 9 months in average

Therapy Model: Adapted version of the PORTAGE therapeutic community model, imported from Canada. The recovering addict lives in a community with other recovering individuals, therapists and counsellors, where self- help, positive feedback of the group and family atmosphere are main principles. The six-phased therapeutic program includes meaningful work as work therapy. Issues raised by everyday life are discussed by the group. Each client’s therapeutic progress is coached by a mentor. The project started in April 2005, at the BPF therapy centre at Ozd. The full capacity of the therapy centre in its current model is 24 clients.