Work with Children and Teenagers

Read about last year’s Children’s Camp, Mini-Teen Camp and Teenager’s Camp.

Every summer we organize camps for children and youth living with alcoholic/addict or recovered parents/care-providers. In this way they can spend a week in a safe environment, with regular meals and a structured programme. One of our aims is also to share Christian teaching, hoping to show that with Christ there is an alternative. Practical teaching has no less importance: positive attitude of the staff in everyday situations is an important guide for them in learning what many couldn’t learn at home. Bonus Pastor Foundation operates two camps for children and youth each summer:

Children’s camp (for 8-12 year olds)

Camp is a great time for the children, who can spend a week without the usual uncertainty and trouble around them. It is a big blessing to see their happy faces during the entire camp. However the smiles also remind the staff of the lives to which the children must return. The programme consists of a mixture of play, crafts, worship, discussions about addiction and study.

Mini-teen camp (for 13-16 year olds)

Early adolescence is a critical age: the need for peer acceptance is great, so is the pace of change (physical, emotional and intellectual). It is also that at this time that an increased risk of habitual alcohol/drug consumption can developing. The camp attempts to teach young teens to surround themselves with positive influences. Personal relationship with Christ and good friends are key factors.