Pentecost has no Cost, but a “Bonus”!

IMG_20160412_150241The ministry of Bonus Pastor (Good Shepherd!) lives out of the fullness of the grace of the Great Shepherd of souls (see Heb 13:20 & 1 Peter 5:4). The Good Shepherd, our Lord, soon after forgiving all our debts at Golgotha even made himself indebted to us with his promises. He emptied Himself for us at Good Friday and filled us up to the fullness of his Spirit at Pentecost. We were indebted to Him, now He holds himself indebted to us. If mercy was not getting what we deserved on the cross, now grace is getting all the blessings we did not deserve with the pouring out of the Spirit! If we were still under the Law, as it was before Pentecost, we would be forced still to defend ourselves with many kinds of masks of insecurity. However, since Pentecost the Spirit has granted us the freedom to lose ourselves and take up the courage of brave vulnerability. Pentecost is the celebration of the Spirit-filled life, set free from the bondage of the Law. Are there any reasons left not to be glad and rejoice in the Lord? Pentecost leaves no room for the expectations of the Divine Law anymore and has no cost for getting what we did not deserve at all! (Isaiah 55:1,2). It is a ‘bonus’ of the ‘Bonus Pastor,’ of the Good Shepherd. We must be over gifted, nobody earned any of those gifts and graces of the Spirit. The spiritual gifts in Greek ‘charismata,’ means gifts of grace. No costs, no earnings, no fees, just a free gift of grace. Let us give thanks for his unspeakable Gift, Jesus! (2 Cor 9,15) The Lord is our Shepherd, we are his flock, as a result we shall not be lacking his bonus, his Spirit… We were to serve Him, now He serves us.

When the secret police officers came to seize a pastor in Communist Romania, he was sitting at the table and told the officers wait until we finish breakfast with the family. “Are you not nervous, we will seize you as the enemy of the regime?”, asked the officer, with some astonishment in his voice. “No, before you came we just read with the family at the breakfast table Psalm 23, 5: ‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.’ So you see, why should I be nervous eating at the table He prepared for us in the presence of our enemies, when no less than the Great Lord himself is our Waiter?”!

Dear supporters, may the Lord serve at your table and may his Spirit serve in, through and by you!


Levente Horváth

Founder and President

Levente Horvath

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