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The Therapy Centre

The home of the long-term therapy program is the restored granary building of the Ozd castle estate. It is a large four story building with about 1000 square metres of total floor space including two large rooms for group activities in the attic. The building can host up to 24 clients providing space also for individual and group therapy activities and meals.

Since it was opened in 2005, the Therapy Center is the facility where we provide our long-term therapy, which is based on the  Canadian Portage Therapeutic Approach, built on their therapeutic community model. Our staff who work with the clients and coordinate the therapy process have been trained in the Portage model. In case of lower client numbers it is also serves as the location for the short-term (twelve-day) therapy programs.


Although the Therapy Centre has been BPF’s high-priority project, there was no possibility to commence the restoration for years due to lack of funds. BPF could not run a therapy project and had to hire venue for each 12-day camp. While trying to raise funds for the centre, smaller construction projects were carried out in this period (the barn, village houses and smaller works in the castle) with the help of many volunteer workteams. By God’s grace, at the end of 2002, the foundation received a substantial donation from a private couple. Large scale construction work began in September of 2003. The original plans were modified due to historical monument regulations. (Extensions for kitchen and staircase could not be added to the building.) Although the exterior walls of the granary were not changed, a new internal concrete structure was still needed. Every floor was partitioned in order to create the rooms for clients and all other necessary premises. The work was finished early 2005 and after the opening ceremony at 16 March work could start at the beginning of April.