Ozd Water Project

As with any other facility, clean water is crucial for the functioning of our Therapy Center in Ozd. Due to technical issues, the current deep water well cannot provide the necesarry quality and quantity of water needed.

After tedious consultations with specialists, we have decided to take the following steps:

  1. drill a new deep well with a professional company, offering service and guarantee for the work
  2. renew the inner water piping and installations in the Center, which got damaged during the years, party due to the bad water quality

water projectWith the help of our friends and partners from Bonus Pastor Netherlands and the NEON foundation from the town of Nunspeet we have begun to gather the necessary funds to fix these issues. Please join with them in supporting us, as without a proper water supply we could be forced to close down the Center and suspend our activities there.

Would you like to help? Contact us at support@bonuspastor.com

Thank you!

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 under news