National Conference, 8-10th April 2016, Mera

This year’s second Bonus Pastor National Conference took place at Mera, near Cluj Napoca. The main topic of the conference was “My shadow is following me –  Shadow Self and Projection”. The overall conference had a nice, warm atmosphere.

Devotions were given by Bonus Pastor staff member rev. Előd Szakács, who was also the main organizer of the event, by Csaba Mezei, the local pastor, and by Sándor Berke jr. Levente Horváth held Sunday’s service. The Sunday service was of course open to the public, who listened with interest to the testimonies.


The presentations on the shadow self and projection were given by Csaba Sikó. Both topics touched the audience and the following small group discussions were intensive with participants returning to the topic even in the breaks.

There were two small group conversations between the presentations on Saturday. The group leaders (Levente and Mari Horváth, and Előd Szakács) were very positive about the dialogues in the groups. There were encouraging discussions, personal stories came up and a lot of people had the chance to talk. We received positive feedback from the general participants, as well.

We are giving many thanks for those who kept the event in their prayers and also for those who supported it with financial and material donations.

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