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This year marked the 15th time the Bonus Pastor Mini-teen camp was organized, it was held at Bucsin between the 21st and 27th of July. The camp is mainly organized for teenagers coming from families struggling with addiction, but many times they invite their friends, relatives and colleagues too.

The purpose of the camp is to raise awareness upon the severity of addiction, promoting prevention amongst the youth through personal examples, informative materials and group talks. Creating a care-free environment with lots of singing and games, where the kids are able to develop social and living skills, and bringing the Gospel close to them through personal experiences.

This year 30 young campers were able to go to Bucsin, where under the guiding eyes of camp organizer Tánczos-Csíki Emese 11 volunteers helped make the week an unforgettable camping experience. Most of the children came from families struggling with alcohol addiction, financial difficulties and divorce issues.

This year’s main theme was “Ways of life” and throughout the week they examined different people’s life stories to find similarities, family traits, habits and possibilities through group talks, teachings and presentations. In the first part of the morning the whole group gathered for singing and games, after which the volunteers or a guest speaker spoke about personal experiences. This year’s innovation was the “Living books” segment, where instead of a teaching, the campers could open and read the lives of the volunteers, asking them questions and getting to know them better. Later, during small group activities they continued with themed games and discussions, going deeper into each day’s subject.

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Thank God for the good weather, there was plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities as well. Sport championships were organized along with various interesting outdoor group challenges. The kids also had the opportunity to enhance their creativity through various workshops, including creating handworks and building solar collectors. During the afternoon they also had the opportunity to quiet down and spend some time in prayer and worship.

After the evening program each small group had the task of doing a summary of that day in various styles, like a song, a poem, a drama skit or a painting and present it during the camp fire. The program continued into the night with the Midnight Café where those who still had some energy left could play games, sing songs, have conversations and play foosball or table tennis.

Based on the evaluation the children did after the camp, the most popular activities included the small group talks, listening to the personal testimonies, the singing and the prevention groups. They also mentioned the importance of the new people they met during the camp, the friendships that were formed, the intimate atmosphere and the feeling of being accepted, and of course all the exciting and creative activities, challenges and games.

Thank you to all who made this camp possible!

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