Looking back on 2012

If someone would ask me, to sum up this past year, I could probably best describe it with these two words: busy and blessed. Busy, because we had a lot of events, visitors, volunteer groups from abroad, projects and challenges and we managed to keep it all together even with a reduced number in staff. Blessed, because in the midst of all the duties, projects and challenges God’s providence, protection and care was tangible. A verse from the Bible became my motto for 2012: Genesis 30:24 “…the LORD has blessed me because of you.” Under the words “because of you” I’m referring to many people who have visited us at the foundation this past year and became the carriers of God’s blessings towards us. I won’t even try to name them all, because I fear I would miss someone, but they are all very precious to us, through whom God’s hands blessed us. The scripture I mentioned earlier speaks of Laban realizing that Jacob was the reason God had blessed him so richly, so he stood close to Jacob as to the source of his blessings. Someone once said that blessings are delivered through the right relationships, and we read in the Bible many times of people who were such blessing carriers: Joseph, when he arrived at Potiphar’s house brought blessings with him, then later when he got to the Pharaoh’s palace the whole land was blessed through him. It was a real privilege to meet and work with such people this past year, and my wish is that I myself and we as a foundation could convey blessings to those whom we meet. We have a mission towards those living in the captivity of their addiction: to preach the good news of deliverance and help them in this process. This is how we can be a blessing to others and we want to thank you for joining in this work, even if not always in a direct way. Thank you for your prayer support, professional advice, volunteer work, financial support, and glory to God, from whom all blessings come, that He could use you as carriers of His blessings.

Endre Erdő, executive director

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 under report