January visit to the Netherlands

Hollandia januar 2015 Endre Istvan

It was a privilege to be able to visit our partner organization Bonus Pastor Netherlands and our friends there at the end January 2015. The goal of our visit was to participate on the Ozd Water Project committee meeting on the 28th of January together with NEON Nunspeet, and also to introduce István Szabó to our Dutch partners and friends, who takes over the job as BPF executive director from Endre Erdő.

BPF NL in partnership with Neon Nunspeet offered help to raise the necessary funds to solve the water problem at our Therapy Center in Ozd. For many years now clean water supply in Ozd is a problematic issue, and in order to find a long-term solution, a substantial investment is needed. We are grateful for our friends and partners from The Netherlands, who saw our need and decided to help us in finding a solution and also to raise the necessary funds for this project. (You can read more about the water project here)

Hollandia januar 2015 Endre Istvan Harry

During our short stay we enjoyed the warm hospitality of our host Harry van der Stege in Nunspeet, who also introduced us to a couple of his friends. One of the results is a donation of a new laptop computer from Hennie Mensink. Thank you!

We are thankful to all our partners and friends who join us in this ministry of helping people with addictions, and especially grateful for our Dutch friends who partnered with us from the very beginning. Thank you and may God bless you all!

Endre Erdő


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