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Holten group on stairs cropped

greenhouseWe are humbled and thankful for the Volunteer Team that came from Holten, The Netherlands in July. This was the second time that this particular team came to Ozd, their first time was in the summer of 2012. We were thankful to see them return to Ozd again this year. As I told two of the leaders as their visit came to a close, “We are happy and thankful for the work projects that have been completed, but we are really excited about these relationships that have been begun and nurtured.” The team was made up of about 30 youth and 5 leaders. While their visit was short, only 3 full days, they completed quite a few projects and at an excellent quality.

Some of the projects that they completed were:

  • Painting three rooms, the main entrance lobby, and 1st floor stairwell in the Therapy Center
  • Building a four bay carport at the side of the sports barn.
  • Replacing the outdoor stair railing going up to the Pergola behind the Therapy Center
  • Replacing the outdoor stair railing going down to the Greenhouse location
  • Laying new laminate in three rooms in the Therapy Center
  • Building a Greenhouse
  • Installing waterline from the junction to the greenhouse
  • Cleaning and prepping the Castle for the Children’s Camp the following week
  • Painting the auxiliary outhouses near the Castle
  • Working in the Therapy Center vegetable garden

garazsOn Monday when the team began their first day of work, I saw quickly that the projects that we had already planned would only take them a little over a day to complete. I had some other projects that we wanted to get done, and we were able to get materials in so the whole team could participate in work, and we could move forward with the estate faster than I had thought. Of course there were a few bumps in the road, with a waterline to the Therapy Center being accidently cut, and having to send part of the team to the nearest town to purchase additional plumbing parts, and when we were finally able to arrange for a tractor to come and plow where the greenhouse would go we found that the plow left such rough dirt that we would have to work with hand tools to prep the site. Through the entire visit everyone worked hard and more importantly were genuinely happy to be there volunteering for Bonus Pastor.

It was good to see those on the team who were returning to Ozd for the second time, able to see the projects that they completed two years ago still in use by BPF today. A good example of this was the football pitch that this particular team fenced and made goals for. Today we use the pitch on a regular basis for Residents of the Therapy Center, Children’s Camps run by Bonus Pastor as well as having a fairly open invitation to those in the village of Ozd who would like to have use of the pitch when BPF does not have an activity scheduled there.

I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” from the entire Bonus Pastor staff to our brothers and sisters from Holten, for their continued relationship, and sharing experiences and work with us.

Kyle Ferguson
Volunteer Team Coordinator

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