Halle volunteers 2014

Halle team 2014The team from Halle Germany that has been coming to Ozd regularly for several years was able to make a return trip for 10 days again in October 2014. This team brings several professionals and many young people who are ready to learn and work. Their projects usually involve making interventions on the Castle and the area around it. Before you read on, why don’t you have a quick look at what they did last year…

This year the team of 54 volunteers was able to complete many work projects including:

  • Major brickwork on the southwest tower of the castleIMG_1198
  • Installation of a permanent sewage tank and system
  • Stabilizing some brickwork inside the Castle to make the structure safer for hosting groups.
  • Rebuilding several temporary windows to keep weather and animals out.
  • Refinishing the ½ of the front of the castle on the outside.
  • Installing a new kitchen sink and counter to accommodate groups and camps easier.
  • Assisting me in two difficult tree removals. Both trees were dead, one hung over the electric lines, and one had a hard lean towards the Castle.
  • Moving several tons of brick that had been donated from a location in the village up to the Castle. These bricks are needed for further restoration.
  • Installing drain and fresh water lines up to the top floor of the Castle.
  • Stabilizing and re-laying two floor areas on the ground floor.

IMAG0042It was an excellent experience to have the opportunity to work with this team. The young folks were so energetic and ready to work. We also enjoyed excellent food with the team during their time with us, as they brought their own professional chef along with them. We are grateful for their continued friendship, fellowship, and generosity, and we look forward to seeing what next year brings.

Kyle Ferguson


Here are some more photos:

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