Goodbye cigarette

No more smoking


We are happy to announce that beginning this year, 2014, all of our activities now follow a non-smoking policy. By this means we can be more effective in offering help to overcome this very unhealthy and expensive addiction. Here is a short goodbye letter for you to read that one of the boys wrote to his old “friend”:



Dear Friend,


I’m writing you this letter, because I would like to permanently end our 30 year old friendship.

We got acquainted back in 1982. Back then I was serving in the military at Lipova, and one morning while on a break, someone introduced us. You didn’t have a filter, they simply called you “Carpați” , and we quickly became good friends. I always carried you in my pocket, I took care of you, and despite my family and friends warning me to end our friendship, I couldn’t do it, because you were always there for me and gave me comfort whenever I felt angry or disappointed.

You changed your name many times throughout the years: Snagov, Vek, Vikend, BT, Camel, Pall Mall, Winston, Marlboro, but I liked you most when you were called Ernte 23. By this time you always had a filter.

I do admit we did manage to interrupt our friendship three times over the years, but only for a brief period, because you always managed to find my weak spots and take advantage of me.

I know you are very harmful to my health and that you are one of the biggest killers out in the world today, this is why I decided to end our friendship once and for all.

I would like to keep true to my decision, so please keep away from me, and be warned that I can be aggressive, I will step on you and crush you if you come anywhere near me.


We used to be friends, no hard feelings, but please respect my decision.


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