Former residents’ reunion (Old Boys Meeting) June 3-5, 2016

After several date changes, we held a former residents’ reunion in the Therapy Center in the first weekend of June. It was great to see the residents, some of whom started arriving already Friday at sunrise. The Therapy Center filled quickly with people, as 22 former residents came to Ozd. There was one person who was freed from addiction elsewhere, but one time he had come here with a former resident and “got stuck” [on the Center], and now he comes even by himself.

DSCF0348The Friday introduction, then the warm-up game – with deeply cutting questions – quickly created the atmosphere that characterize these: togetherness, a community joined by fate, cheerfulness, shared concerns and joys, trust.

Saturday during the morning meeting many residents proposed to share their current questions, the failures and successes of their paths, and many did offer reflections. Until the goulash was ready, the guys talked, sunbathed, and played football (soccer).

We cut the break after lunch short, since everybody wanted to take the time to strengthen and grow. In small groups we discussed what is really necessary to remaining sober and having a well-balanced, satisfied life. Some of them said that the most important tools for persevering was self-knowledge, others honesty, others awareness, while others considered faith placed in God as most important. After the small group conversations we gathered the arguments and counterarguments and we formed out of them a cross, expressing the fact that each resource is important, and it’s good if each is permeated with the grace and love of Christ.

DSCF0465For the current residents it was a source of hope to meet people who have been sober for many years. Deep joy and confidence formed in the ones who, after taking part in the Old Boys Meeting as residents, now finally could experience the event as Old Boys.

We staff were also recharged, since we could see that our labors are not in vain in the Lord (1 Cor, 15:58). Glory to the Savior God!

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