Event Calendar

2017 Event Calendar

Date Event Location
January 20-20 Aftercare Conference I. Pănet
March 6-17 Short-term Therapy I.  Ozd
April 28-30 Aftercare Conference II.
May 15-26 Short-term Therapy II.  Cătălina
June 9-11 Former Residents Meeting I. Ozd
June 20-23 Survivor Camp for residents  Rimetea
July 3-8 Children Camp (ages 8-12)  Bucin
July 24-30 Mini Teen Camp (12-15)  Bucin
August 14-20 Teenager Camp (ages 16+)  Bucin
August 14-20 Aftercare Camp
October 13-15 Aftercare Conference III.
October 17 International Professional Conference  Cluj
November 6-17 Short-term Therapy III.  Ozd
November 24-26 Former Residents’ Meeting II. Ozd

*The Long Term Therapy in functioning during the whole year.

*For more information and possible location changes, follow www.bonuspastor.ro.

Our partner organization’s, Good Shepherd Association’s programs for 2016:

Date Event Location
January 7-10 Kinship course for locals (3rd part) Ozd
February 27 Kinship Conference Cluj Napoca
April 21-24 Kinship course for locals (2nd part) Cătălina
June 10-12 “Clinic of Intimacy” for locals Cluj Napoca
July 17-23 “Bro course” for locals Ozd
August 8-14 International Kinship Course Ozd
September 1-4 Kinship course “for boys and men” Ozd
September 8-11 Kinship course for locals Ținca

*For more information and possible location changes, please visit www.kinshipcourse.wordpress.com.