Easter thoughts from Levente

Please Fasten Your Easter Belts!

Levente 2        Since Jesus was resurrected, you can be more secure in Christ than you would realize. Yet you perhaps have to fasten your belts of God’s promises by faith to be able to hold fast to the staggering perspective of his death and resurrection. Speed is fine in God’s work, yet dangerous, if your belts are not on. Seat-belts have two parts, and so does God’s work: you need one for the fight and the other to serve. Eph 6:14 describes among the spiritual armor the belt of truthfulness that has to be tightened up and in Col 3:12-14 we read that above all love should fasten all our “working clothes.” One has to follow the truth in love and has to love truthfully, to avoid the danger of loosening the clothing of the resurrected new life granted to him in Christ.
That Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected at Easter are the facts of being what we are in him: forgiven sinners and freely gifted, adopted sons and daughters of the Father and co-heirs of the Son. All these became facts to dress up with my nakedness. My identity was shaped by being already crucified and resurrected with Him. Have you faced the truth of your being dressed up in Him into your death to sin and your resurrected life, available to serve God freely and joyfully? (cf. Rom 6:8-11) “Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are” (Kierkegaard). I have to face as sure facts who am I in, and with, Christ. That gives me strength for change. Everybody wants a change, but nobody wants to be changed themselves. Except when I get the courage for it by facing the facts of Easter. Have a blessed Easter, have a blessed change, be changed in Christ!Levente Horvath

Please, connect with us in prayer!

Our current prayer topics are:

  • We are giving thanks for all the fruitful services of our counselor colleagues, for the good results of our work
  • We are grateful for the work of volunteers and for any kind of smaller and bigger spiritual and material support from our friends, this way we experience that we are part of Christ’s body together
  • We are giving thanks for the endurance and the dedication of our colleagues
  • We are praying for having a blessed Easter and re-experiencing the joy of resurrection
  • We are praying for the upcoming services of our counselors, for the aftercare conference which will be held at 8th-10th April and the next short term therapy program at 2nd-13th May.



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