Resident Sponsorship Program: Be Part of a Change!

Last week we launched our “Resident Sponsorship Program”. With this initiative we want to give you a new possibility to get more fully engaged with us in reaching those seeking rescue and recovery from addiction in Transylvania. Through this program you will have the opportunity to sponsor a client financially, to send him monthly notes of encouragement, to receive brief monthly updates from the client, and most importantly to lift him up in prayer as he moves toward recovery.

It has always been a principle of Bonus Pastor not to reject anybody seeking recovery for financial reasons. Although the cost of the therapy we provide is high, we accept people who have no source of income, for example people who because of their addiction, became homeless, jobless, and they don’t even have relatives, friends, or a congregation, who would trust them anymore and could pay for their therapy instead of them. We normally ask for the residents to cover half of their therapy’s cost, which is already a one month salary in Romania, so there are often clients entering therapy who have difficulty in even paying the minimum that we ask of them.

What are you committing to, if you join the program?

To join the Sponsorship Program Members requires no commitment. It only means that we will add you to a group of people who might be interested in sponsoring a client at some point and you will receive notifications whenever we have a client who is in need of sponsorship.

If you decide to sponsor a resident, we expect you to pray for him, to sponsor him financially with the amount that you commit to for the duration of time that you commit to, and to reply for his letters.

If you are interested in receiving application requests, even if you are unprepared at the moment for financially supporting a resident, but would like to receive the letters introducing new rehab residents, please subscribe to our “Possible Sponsor’s Group” by clicking here: Subscribe to the BP Sponsorship Program  

Thank you for your continued participation in the ministry with us.

God bless you,

Orsolya Bűcs

Program Coordinator

Posted by Kyle Ferguson on Apr 13, 2017 under Uncategorized