Children’s Camp 2013

2013 gyerektabor (2)The Bonus Pastor Children’s Camp, which has become a kind of a tradition, was organized for the joy of almost 40 kids at Ozd, between the 8th and 13th of July, 2013. Campers were children mostly from families struggling with alcohol addiction, orphanages and others, coming from difficult social and financial backgrounds. For many of them this is the only summer camp they are able to attend. Also, a small group of children from the village of Ozd came and took part in the daily activities. The main focus of the camp was on promoting prevention, but at the same time developing social and living skills, nurturing traditional arts and skills, and of course having fun in the process.

The camp was organized by Bartha Éva and the Philotea Klub, who had the help of 14 great volunteers to oversee and manage the daily activities of the children. Throughout the week the kids learned about royal figures from the Bible, each day a wanderer was searching for the one true king, and on the last day she eventually found Him. During the evening stories they looked at how God’s presence can change lives, what practical things happen, when God personally intervenes in one’s life.

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There was a lot of singing, outdoor and indoor games, a great atmosphere, cake baking and decorating, shield making, and a lot of other interesting and creative activities. By the end of the camp many kids had a hard time accepting that they had to go home when it’s over.

We’re thankful for all the kids who were able to attend and have a good time, all the volunteers who sacrificed their time and energy for these kids, and all our supporters who made this camp possible. Through your support many kids were able to come to the camp, who otherwise couldn’t have afforded it. Thank you!

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