Blessed Holidays 2014

A recovered alcoholic once admitted, “At first, there wasn’t an honest desire in my heart to change.” Well, that is a testing confession, I guess – I admit that how many times, like he was able to admit, that even as a Christian I still have periods when I discover that in my heart there is no real or honest desire to change. Fair to say I could several times trace a hidden connection to my ungodly desires and it was impossible to give them up. I had to talk to a brother, like recovering addicts will do consciously, to escape relapse. It’s always good to remember that the Grace of God which kept so many of us from falling into all kinds of addiction is the same Grace that so miraculously brings people out of the bondages of addiction.
When Abraham returned victoriously from the battle delivering Lot and met Melchizedek, the King of Shalem (“Peace”), and accepted from him bread and wine, offering him the tithe of the spoil, in fact he became the founder of Jerusalem. Jeru-Shalem means the “founding of peace” and became known as Jerusalem in the time of David. Ironically Abshalom (my fatherLevente Horvath – peace), his son, later in this same valley erected a monument to himself (2 Sam 18:18), unlike Abraham, who – although he was to be a blessing to all peoples – had the humility to receive from Melchizedek, and then give all the glory to God alone. No wonder how quickly Abshalom had become debased, apart from this peace.

Let’s remain in His peace by giving all the glory to God as we remember His birth this Holiday Season! – dr. Levente Horváth

(december 2014)

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