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The Staff of Bonus Pastor

Horváth Levente, PhD.
B.A. Cluj Napoca, B.D. Edinburgh, Ph.D. University of Lampeter, Wales

My wife and I have been in the service of the Reformed Mission for Addicts of the Hungarian Reformed Church from the very beginning and it has been a privilege for us. I am thankful that I’m still learning. However I’m thankful for our five children the most of all.When in 1993 we founded the Reformed Mission for Addicts and the Bonus Pastor Foundation, I could hardly imagine that the start and the running of the Drug Therapy Centre would lead to such a wonderful story. Each breathtaking healing story of our addicted friends, who came to us during the years, makes a colorful complete story of the whole. This is a great privilege to me and a greater benefit of all my studies which I’ve had until now.I believe that everybody has a tendency to addiction, including me (although it was hard for me to admit this, similarly for most people). However, since I came to realize this, the pastoral care of addicts does not seem to be a superhuman burden, because it’s like taking care of myself. If I, the most lost I’ve ever known, had the hope to recover, I consider that nobody else is a lost case. Under the aegis of this hope I’m struggling for everybody, whether considered lost by others or by themselves, with a serene understanding.

István R. Szabó, ThDr.

I have known about the mission since its beginnings and had the opportunity to take part in quite a few programs, but I never thought I would one day become a member of the staff. I believe it was God who led me here, and that He plans to shape and use me in this work.I am married to my wife Annamária, and God has blessed us with two boys and a girl, Kristóf (2007), Máté (2009) and Sára (2014).By my professional training I am teacher of religious education (1995), theologian {magister (2005), ordained minister (2007), doctor of theology (2012)} and project manager (2012).

Éva Adorján

I’ve been working for the Foundation since 2000. As a staff member of the Therapy Centre I gladly follow the progress of the residents who are entrusted to me. I’m also in the charge of the administration at the Centre. While I help others in changing for the better, I myself am changed, and for this I am grateful.

Mária Horváth

Originally I graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry and Physics at Babeş-Bolyai University. After taking part, along with my husband, in the work with the addicts a good few years, I enrolled in the Faculty of Social Work to re-certify myself. At present I’m working as a therapist at the Drug Therapy Centre in Ozd. I feel honored that I can go along with some people in their struggle for change and freedom.

Éva Bartha

I’ve been working at the Foundation since 1996. I’ve been an office manager, have organized programs (mainly children camps) and since the Therapy Centre has been running (2005) I’ve been working there as a therapist. In 2009 I finished my studies in Psychology at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca.

László Gergely (Gonzó)

I started working at the Bonus Pastor Foundation (Rehabilitation Center) officially in July 2011, but since 1998 I have volunteered as a Youth Camp organizer. I finished my Special Education studies in 1996. The same year I came to this organization I achieved Assistant degree in Psychodrama, following up with the upper level courses. I feel lucky and also extremely proud to be part of this mission. I am married and have two wonderful kids.

Irénke Bálint

I joined the staff as a cook in November 2010. I love my work, and glory to God, I do it with joy. I am so glad, that God led me and my husband to serve this community.

Tünde Geréb

I’ve been working as a psychologist at the Bonus Pastor Foundation since 1998, first at the Cluj Napoca office, then at the Odorheiu Secuiesc counseling office. I have also been trained in Couple and Family Therapy. Along with individual counseling I also take part in the yearly programs of the Foundation: the short term therapy programs, aftercare conferences, the yearly aftercare summer camp, prevention programs for the children of addicts, etc. I live with my husband and my children near Odorheiu Secuiesc, in Brădeşti.

 Géza Geréb

I have finished my studies in 1996 at Károlyi Gáspár Theological and Missionary Institute, and this is the year when I started serving at Bonus Pastor Ministries. It was astonishing for me to be a near witness of how personal- and family lives are restored from addiction. Since then, a lot of time passed, and I still can see how people recover. I have spent 3 years, 2013-2016 in freight transport in Europe, thus, now  I also have a lot of personal experience in living apart from your family, from my three children and my wife. Now I feel that these experiences help me in my job at Bonus Pastor, which I rejoined since January 2016.

Előd Szakács

I was glad to accept the invitation to be part of the staff, as for many years I was able to see the wonderful work God had done through the people working at Bonus Pastor.
I joined the staff in June 2013 and since then I’ve realized that what looks pleasant from the outside is in fact the fruit of many people’s hard work and their relationship with God. (Ecclesiastes 4,9).
I received my pastors degree in 2007 from the Protestant Theology Institution in Cluj, but I still consider myself in need of continuous training. Since then I have worked as an assistant pastor in two places, and also as a university pastor in Cluj.
My duties here include organizing the Bonus Pastor events and activities, and also promoting our work in churches, communities and various institutions that are in some way connected to our ministry.

 András Ambrus

I was born in Targu Mures. Until 8th grade, I have studied in School nr. 5. Later I have been a pupil of Al. Papiu Ilarian and Bolyai Farkas High Schools, and done my baccalaureate in 1993 at Papiu High School.
Between 1993 and 1998 I have been the student of Petru Maior University in Targu Mures, and I have studied Automatics and Industrial Informatics. Between 1998 and 1999 I obtained my MSc studying Automatics in Energetics.
Between 1999 and 2004 I became student of the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj Napoca. Between 2004 and 2007 I became the pastor of Kide Church, which is part of the Cluj Outside Diocese, and since 2007 I am the pastor of Cecalaca Reformed Church,  which is part of the Mures Diocese.
Between 2011 and 2013 I finished a Pastoral Psychology Master’s Degree at the Reformed Religion Teacher’s Departure at Babes-Bolyai Univeristy.
Since 16th of March 2015, I am a part time employee of Bonus Pastor Ministries. First of all I am fulfilling social worker tasks in the Therapy Center at Ozd.
In 2001 I have married Melinda Simon from Miercurea Ciuc, and we have three sons, Koppány 12, Botond 10 and Huba 6 year olds.

Teréz Fülpesi

I’ve been doing the bookkeeping for Bonus Pastor since 2005, and I’m also in charge of several financial and administrative aspects of the work. I serve with pleasure for an organization where the emphasis is on human values, relationships and community with God, rather than on financial and profit-making issues.

 Dalma Kedei

After 5 years of being a fulltime housewife, in August 2014 I have started working again. I am replacing our bookkeeper, and I am also fulfilling other financial and administrative tasks. I am very happy to be part of this great team.

 Éva Deé Lukács

I studied French and Hungarian at Babes-Bolyai University and I have worked at the “Little Mirror” Reformed Family Magazine from 1996 until it’s cessation in 2009. As a journalist and a magazine editor, I have reported about Bonus Pastor Ministries’ regularly, thus I could have been part of it’s struggles and joys already then. After 6 years of educating my son, Gergely, and my daughter, Janka, it is my honor to work in the Bonus Pastor team, as a fresh workforce. I am trying to help the Bonus Pastor mission as an office manager.


Volunteer staff

Fergusons May 21 Ozd

Kyle & Catherine Ferguson

Kyle and Catherine moved to Ozd in May 2014 from Virginia, USA. Read more about them here.

 Orsolya Bűcs

I have been involved with The Bonus Pastor Foundation since June 2015, initially I was part of the paid staff functioning as the Cluj Napoca Office Manager, PR assistant and Personal Assistant of our president, Levente. In the late spring of 2016 I decided to leave BPF and travel outside of Romania for work. Upon returning to Romania in late 2016 I again took up work with BPF but this time volunteering part time in the PR/FR department. I have studied psychology. In my free time I like to dance and to spend a lot of time with my friends. I am happy that I can work in excellent organization and that I can be part of the background work for such a worthy purpose.

Kozma Ferenc

Kozma Ferenc

I finished my therapy in September 2009 after spending nine months at the Therapy Center in Ozd. I left with great joy in my heart, leaving behind a place where God’s presence was always tangible, a place where I always return with great pleasure. After going home, the Support Group was formed in Sfantu Gheorghe, if which I am an active member ever since. Shortly after that, I was given the opportunity to join the Bonus Pastor Foundation’s volunteer staff, since then I help out wherever I am needed. Between 2010 and 2012 I completed a spiritual counseling course, which is a real help in my volunteer work. Besides my family and work, I spend most of my free time helping addicts and their families. I love what I do, and I consider each and every day a gift from God, and also that I got my family back.

Beth & Stuart Ferguson

We have known about Bonus Pastor since the late 1990s when we first learned about Géza & Tünde Geréb’s service with the foundation and later became personal friends with them in the Lord. We are associated with two congregations of the Presbyterian Church in America located in Virginia which have been supporters of the ministry since that time and have had the privilege of serving over several summers with volunteer work teams from the US, Holland & Ireland who were engaged in repairing and improving the buildings & grounds in Ozd. Our youngest son, Kyle, was also in Ozd for two summers, assisting the coordinator of the volunteer work teams. While we were serving as English language instructors in nearby Tg. Mureş from 2007 to 2009 we were able to participate more informally in some of the foundation’s activities. It was then that we began to help in a small way by editing some of the English language versions of Bonus Pastor’s communications, including the regular news & prayer letters. Presently as international staff with 4D Ministries we are living near Budapest, Hungary and so are available to assist Bonus Pastor as a 4D national ministry partner. Kyle and his wife Catherine now live in Ozd with their three young children, having been seconded by 4D to serve on the staff of Bonus Pastor in various capacities. We are all very grateful that we have been able to see the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ in the lives of all those associated with Bonus Pastor – staff, recovered & recovering addicts, their families & friends and supporters from all over the world.

Bálint Ferenc

Ferenc Bálint

I found my way to the Therapy Centre in 2005, as a lost addict. My life has changed completely after that and now I belong to the staff of the Foundation as a recovered, content and happy person since 2007. I realized that I have life filled with God’s grace, so I’m happy for every single day. God blessed me with a wonderful wife in 2010, we both work at the Therapy Centre.