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How we see addiction

Addiction is a complex problem: a medical one (a disease), a psychological one (a compulsive behaviour) and a spiritual one (a sin) in the same time.

Sin itself is the deeper problem, it involves the whole person – addiction is just one aspect, a consequence of it. Hence, we believe that stopping substance abuse (“staying clean”) is not enough – a change of the whole person is needed.
It is our belief that it’s not within our capability to change the client’s life radically. We provide therapy and the spiritual environment for this work, but the client has to be willing to change, and needs to work on it. However, no-one can recover under own power, only with the almighty God’s grace.

We promote total abstinence for those having an addiction in the past.
We see addiction as a family-wide problem, so we strongly encourage family members to participate in the treatment as well.

How we work

Our program provides a recovery opportunity for addicted people and their families who want to change their lives.
We focus on individual growth and responsibility-taking of the client.

We share our Christian view with our clients. (However, being a Christian is not a condition of taking part at our programs. Everybody who has addiction problems and asks for help is welcome to participate in our programs.)

We use a combination of the group therapy model, individual therapy and “A.A.-like” support groups. We use the Canadian Portage Therapeutic Approach, built on their therapeutic community model in our therapy program.