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Short History of BPF

In Autumn 1993, when Levente Horváth (reformed minister, founder and president of BPF)
finished his studies in Scotland he was appointed by bishop Kálmán Csiha of the Transylvanian
Church District of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania to start a ministry for addicted

Almost at the same time Bible study groups for addicted/recovered people were started at Odorhei
(by Gizella Antalfi) and Tîrgu Mureş, called Mentőöv (Lifebelt). These groups formed the Reformed
Mission for Addicts of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania.

Summer 1994: first treatment camp.

Spring 1996: Bonus Pastor Foundation was founded to provide the legal and financial background to
operate as a more substantial charity organization.

Summer 1996: first aftercare camp.

Autumn 1997: BPF received a 99 year lease from the Government on the castle estate at Ozd.

Summer 1998: first camp for children.

1998-2001: replacement of the castle roof.

2003: The stables were repaired and the dairy farm started.

Autumn 2003-2005: restoration of the granary.

End of 2004: Baroness Maria Jude donated the castle estate to BPF.

April 2005: Therapy project started in the granary.